Benefits of our survey

Our Unlocking Potential Survey measures what has previously been unmeasurable. It collects robust organisation-wide, evidence based, gender diversity data including unconscious assumptions that are surfaced in each of the four main dimensions of leadership, culture, talent and performance.

Our gender diversity survey provides organisations with a “health check” and an important platform for cultural change. It is completed online, only takes respondents around 15 minutes and is innovative, evidence based and insightful.


  • new design enables comments to be made throughout the survey which improves the usability of the report
  • unconscious bias and assumptions are revealed in a non-confrontational way
  • extensive demographics enable extra depth of analysis
  • can be customised to each organisation’s requirements
  • the gender diversity survey statements embed good practice

Evidence based

  • uses a systematic valid survey process
  • comprehensively examines gender diversity matters
  • candour is encouraged by protecting the anonymity of respondents
  • substantiated by a comprehensive white paper which presents the research evidence that supports each survey statement


  • written responses add significant context and depth
  • the gap in female and male perspectives identifies important challenges and opportunities
  • change initiatives can be accurately targetted
  • a real platform for cultural change is created

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