Our gender diversity survey is based on a comprehensive framework of four areas and 17 categories that impact gender diversity in organisations. The Survey Framework focuses on both Organisational (Leadership and Culture) and Individual (Talent and Performance) drivers of diversity.

The Framework and all survey statements are supported by a substantial White Paper. The White Paper summarises a decade of seminal research exploring gender beliefs and their impact on organisational practices, and research identifying best organisational practice for unlocking the potential of women at work.

The survey statements penetrate to the core of gender beliefs and encompass good gender diversity practice.

The Survey’s Framework supports a positive cycle of change – the right leadership enables an exploration of beliefs and cultural impediments to change. As these are explored and dispelled or remodelled, the full talents available within an organisation can be unlocked. Performance and recognition systems are adapted to embed gender diversity goals and accountabilities. As achievements are identified and celebrated through the formal systems, leadership resolution and drive are reinforced and a positive cycle of cultural change is established.

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