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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Gender Worx News designed to provide you with the latest insights and news on diversity, particularly gender diversity. Gender Worx News will provide you with regular discussion on current issues, profile leading organizations and people, and share important research.

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Current issues

In our first issue we address three issues that are taking the lion’s share of press space and are front of minds for our clients and friends. The issues are: quotas, unconscious bias, and retention.

Quotas: The issue of quotas has captured the imagination as has no other diversity topic in recent times. How are quotas and their value being portrayed? What are the prevailing positions being expressed, who holds them, and why? And the ultimate question, are we having the right debate? Some of these questions are answered in our two of our recent blog posts, Lessons from Norway andQuotas and the merit myth.

Unconscious bias has also captured a good deal of interest. Increasingly, organisations are turning their attention to unconscious bias awareness and training programs. What is unconscious bias and why should we be paying such close attention to it? Is it another quick fix, or is it really the lever that will make the difference. We’ve had a look at the research and summarised it in our Working Paper No. 3: Getting to grips with unconscious bias. Our view is that creating awareness of unconscious bias is a fundamental part of a serious transformation program. It won’t work miracles but does have the power to make fundamental change, over time. Gender Worx Leading Beyond Bias training programs provide your organization with a best practice approach to working with unconscious bias.

As ASX reporting season is upon us, the implications of their gender diversity guidelines will begin to emerge. A clear implication of the guidelines is that increasing value will be placed on talented, capable female leaders and as a consequence the war for talent will reconfigure as a war for female talent. Read more on this, and what organisations can do to retain their female leaders in two of our recent blog posts (Stay ahead of the looming war for female talent and Developing economies experience war for talent).


In line with our emphasis on an evidence based approach, we will provide you with easy access to emerging research insights in each edition. Over the last decade the list of research projects and findings on the value of diversity in organizations has grown substantially. But how do you stay across the relevant insights that will make a difference to your efforts? Gender Worx News will do that for you, providing access to our Working Paper Series which translates key recent research findings into brief summaries and practical implications.

This edition starts by helping readers understand the business case for gender diversity.

Working Paper No. 1: the business case for gender diversity sets out a decade of evidence that shows that organizations with a greater gender diversity are better places to work, more productive and more profitable.

Ground breaking research set out in Working Paper No. 4: Collective Intelligence helps us understand why it is that women make a differential contribution to performance, helping to give greater weight to the business case for a critical mass of women in senior leadership roles.

Special Event 

We have secured the rights to an exciting new film made recently in the US. Missrepresentation explores the impact that media representation has on women as leaders. Join us in Melbourne on Thursday 17th November for the Australian premier screening of the film followed by panel discussion. Register for the event at AmCham Vic and use the code E058 when booking to receive the special friends of Gender Worx rate.

Join us on Monday 5th December for the Sydney screening. Register for the Sydney event at Amcham NSW and use the code R673 when booking to receive the special rate.

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