How do I measure my unconscious bias?

There have been many articles recently addressing unconscious bias. Some of the legal firms and large banks have shared that they are putting their senior people through unconscious bias training. More and more people are also asking us how they can best measure their own or the organisation’s unconscious bias.

We often suggest that people undertake the free Harvard University Implicit Attitude Tool test that measures each person’s unconscious bias in relation to gender and careers that has been carried out by in excess of 80,000 people.

Not only will the Implicit Attitude Tool show you your own level of unconscious bias, you will be able to compare your level of unconscious bias with all others that have done the test. To complete the test:

Go to the Harvard Implicit Project website:

Under: Project Implicit Social Attitudes select a country and click Go

Read the introductory message, then click on Go to the Demonstration Tests

Click on: I wish to proceed

Click on: Gender-Career IAT (You may also later choose to complete Gender-Science IAT or any of the other categories that interest you.)

Click on: Click here to begin

Complete the test. Make a note of your results, and note how they compare with the large sample comparison group: your results will appear on the webpage but they won’t be saved anywhere.

Measuring unconscious bias within organisations is a whole different exercise. This can be measured by a well designed and research gender diversity survey, such as Gender Worx’ Unlocking Potential Survey, but that will be the subject of a separate blog post at a later date.

To gain a good understanding of what unconscious bias is and what it isn’t, please refer to our Working Paper 3: Getting to grips with unconscious bias.

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