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Unlocking Gender Potential – A leader’s handbook

In 2008 Dr Hannah Piterman published the results of a comprehensive study, the objective of which was to explore unconscious and subtle inhibitors to the positive experience and full utilisation of women in executive and management positions.

The progression of professional women into positions of leadership has been slow. Women are finding it more difficult to rise to positions of leadership in environments that are highly male-dominated, irrespective of the sector of employment. This is despite there being a strong business case for enhancing the contribution of executive women to the achievement of organisational objectives.

Dr Piterman writes in her Preface to the book, “…following the Global Financial Crisis, the situation has become even bleaker. …The unconscious biases at the heart of women’s lack of progress remain with us, and the findings of my research remain, unfortunately, as relevant today.”

By publishing the findings in Unlocking Gender Potential, it is hoped that there will be a wider appreciation of implicit barriers to women’s career development and retention, and that organisations will reassess and recalibrate their engagement with the diversity agenda in Australia.

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