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Achievement of your diversity aspirations and goals is complex and challenging. You need strong leadership, a supportive culture, and aligned performance and talent tools. Gender Worx consultants assist you to translate your aspirations and goals into action.

We provide consulting expertise to assist you to achieve better gender diversity outcomes. We work with you to design and implement diversity strategies and tactics that start from where you are at now, and provide momentum for your forward journey.

Our approach to consulting, as to all other things, is guided by our four core principles: we are evidence-based, collaborative, change-oriented and strategic. We work with you to:

  • create organisational readiness for deepening your gender diversity initiatives
  • translate your survey results into implementable initiatives
  • measure achievements over time.

Our services include staff engagement workshops, unconscious bias training, facilitation and dialogues, focus groups, training, coaching, mentoring, strategy and policy development, and measurement. We are committed to supporting organisations to achieve their gender diversity goals and realise the benefits of their investment, to achieve better:

  • governance, from having more women at senior levels
  • business value, by maximising the unique capabilities that women bring
  • productivity, as a result of greater motivation and efficiency
  • workplace culture, through men and women working harmoniously together.

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