Our organisation

Gender Worx is a specialist gender diversity practice. We are thought leaders, experts and consultants in gender diversity management and change. We are dedicated to unlocking the potential of women at work and helping make organisations

  • better places to work; and
  • more productive and profitable

Our Vision is to do more to unlock the potential of women in organisations than any other organisation in Australia. Our vision acts as our long term compass and guides the establishment of our strategy, business plans and actions.

Our Core Purpose is to produce a fairer world for women. This is our reason for being at its very core. We will achieve our purpose by unlocking the potential of women. It’s not only the smart thing, it is the right thing.

We are collaborative, diverse, innovative, insightful, passionate and principled. These Core Values are our way of life. We embrace, enforce and live by these values to succeed, to overcome challenges, to drive change and evolve. Our values are embedded in our DNA and make us distinctively Gender Worx.

Gender Worx was co-founded by Dr. Hannah Piterman, Dr. Karen Morley and Nicholas Barnett. It is a specialist division of Insync Surveys, stakeholder survey and consulting specialists and a 2009 BRW Fast 100 Company.

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