Our partners

Gender Worx plans to partner with organisations that have special expertise in gender diversity and who share a similar vision, purpose and values.

Current partners include:

Board Benchmarking has developed two world class benchmarked surveys: a Board Effectiveness Survey and an Audit Committee Effectiveness Survey. Both surveys are available globally and are distributed by Insync Surveys, KPMG Australia and others. Board Benchmarking conducts research into gender diverse boards and how they differ from male dominated boards.

Board Benchmarking has carried out over 100 board and audit committee surveys for organisations ranging from large public companies and government organisations to private companies, associations and not-for-profit entites. Board Benchmarking’s surveys are powered by integrated benchmarked stakeholder survey specialists, Insync Surveys.

Visit: www.boardbenchmarking.com
Contact: info@boardbenchmarking.com

Insync Surveys has one of the largest suites of leading edge integrated benchmarked stakeholder surveys in the world. Its surveys are distributed in over 30 countries and in over 15 languages and include surveys for employees, customers, boards, community groups and many other organisation stakeholders. It conducts research into gender diversity and its impact on the culture of organisations.

Insync Surveys has carried out surveys for some of the largest public, private, government and not-for-profit organisations in Asia Pacific. It is based in Australia and has representatives in New Zealand, Asia, UK and North America. Insync Surveys’ technology powers the surveys of Board Benchmarking and Gender Worx.

Visit: www.insyncsurveys.com.au
Contact: info@insyncsurveys.com.au

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