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We are proud of the many testimonials of Dr. Hannah Piterman’s gender diversity research, her book and the expertise and experience of our Co-founders and of Insync Surveys.

Testimonials of Dr. Hannah Piterman, her research and her book titled “Unlocking Gender Potential: a leader’s handbook”

Testimonials of Dr. Hannah Piterman, her research and her book titled “Unlocking Gender Potential: a leader’s handbook”

– Peter Butler, Partner and former Managing Partner, Freehills

‘In a most thought provoking and insightful analysis of women in today’s business world, Dr Hannah Piterman’s excellent research work has identified many of the unconscious, complex and subtle inhibitors that stand in the way of women achieving their full potential in the workplace. Her findings are also well aligned with global research results showing that organisations with appropriate gender diversity have higher levels of profitability.’

‘Those organisations wanting to achieve higher levels of performance, employee engagement and profitability should spend quality time reviewing Hannah’s analysis and conclusions, and would be well advised to benchmark themselves against the issues and challenges contained in Dr Piterman’s new book. In fact this text is a must read for all people leaders, who are serious about unlocking the potential of their female employees and enhancing performance within a more equitable framework.’

‘Hannah’s work is the more significant, having regard to a future in which men and women are much more likely to share both work and home responsibilities. This book provides both important practical insights and strategies that can assist many firms with the best ways to get started, and also to accelerate progress for those now well underway’.

– Peter Wilson AM, National President, Australian Human Resources Institute

‘Dr Piterman’s research has identified gender as a strategic business issue and is a must read for leaders. Hannah is one of those rare talents who easily transitions between business and academia, providing a bridge between research and practice and exemplifying evidence-based management consulting. In my collaborations with Hannah, I have been impressed with her integrity, unambiguous communication style, and her business savvy and strategic thinking. Her research has alerted organisations to dynamics that are subtle and unconscious yet powerful in undermining the experience and contribution of women in the workplace.’

– Charmine E. J. Härtel, Author of Human Resources Management (Pearson Australia) and Professor and Management Cluster Leader in the UQ Business School at the University of Queensland

‘Unlocking gender potential of half the population is a crucial step in capitalising on talent in organisations, communities and countries. Dr Piterman’s outstanding piece of research has identified the barriers to unleashing female potential. Her research has stripped away the often cited barriers, and laid bare many of the unconscious and subtle inhibitors that are the real issues that stand in the way of women achieving their full potential in the workplace. All leaders interested in driving change and growth by enhancing their future talent pool should read this book.’

– Dr Janine Kirk AM, Partner, Government & Public Sector and Leader, Community for Oceania, Ernst & Young

‘The openness of Dr Piterman’s many interviewees, male and female, to discussing their feelings and experiences, and her perceptive analysis and use of contemporary research, provides us with a platform to move forward. Her practical recommendations will be of real benefit to organisations that want to seriously engage with this issue. CEDA is proud to have been involved in this project.’

– Geoff Allen AM, National Chairman of CEDA, Committee for Economic Development of Australia

‘A seminal piece of research revealing that the problem is not a paucity of leadership capability and talent among women but the failure of organisations and the men who run them to both recognise and commit to gender diversity as a driver of high performance.’

– Pamela Catty, Deputy Chairman of Tourism Victoria and a Director of Circus Oz

‘Dr Piterman has that rare touch that encourages people to open up to her. In a time when most people feel they need to be politic about gender equality, her interviews record the honest views of men about the way they see their world of work and the choices they make. The insights gained through her research bring many hidden attitudes and beliefs into the light where discussion and evidence can challenge them. It is a valuable contribution.’

– Christine Charles, Chair, Women in Mining, Minerals Council of Australia, former CEO, Department of Human Services, South Australia

‘Dr Piterman’s excellent and timely research clearly demonstrates our individual and collective opportunity and responsibility to actively encourage and advance progress towards women achieving their full potential in the workforce. Australia needs this outcome so that our businesses and communities can thrive and prosper. The destination has been clearly set. Responding positively to the recommendations in this book can only hasten and accommodate that journey.’

– Fergus Ryan, Director Australian Foundation Investment Company (AFIC) and Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)

Our other Testimonials

‘I have been a Chief Executive of publicly listed companies for a period of 20 years. I can honestly say that I never worked with anyone I admire as much as Karen in all that time and since, nor experienced anyone with her energy and professional attitude’

– Former CEO, Century Oils.

‘Working with Karen is always a great pleasure for she is enthusiastic, extremely quick to see possibilities where others would not, and can bring a strong sense of pragmatism and realism to any potential interaction. She is very well-regarded by the entire CCL team here in Asia, in the United States and in Europe as well.’

– MD, Singapore, Center for Creative Leadership.

‘Karen Morley works tirelessly in making sure clients are well served. In meetings with senior client executives, Karen not only commands respect but also plays a key role in facilitating an exchange of ideas. She really draws out the options and then helps synthesise alternatives and solutions.” —Former Australian Managing Partner, international consulting firm. “I have found Karen to be highly professional, credible and knowledgeable … with a strong client focus’

– GM, People Services, Global Asset Management company.

‘We have benefited from Hannah’s knowledge, expertise and skills over the last 3 years through her coaching role with myself, the Board (collectively and with individual Directors) and with senior staff. Hannah’s technical knowledge and the skills she possesses in applying that to people and organisations are fundamental to the success she has achieved. We are an organisation populated with very intelligent people who question most things and are solution oriented. Some of our most difficult people problems are associated with our most intelligent people. A lesser person with narrower coverage would not have achieved similar progress.’

– Chairman of Board of Australian consulting and management services firm.

‘I am particularly grateful for Hannah’s contribution you have made to general and academic staff leadership within the University over the past few years. You seem to have the right touch in being able, within a very short period, to overcome traditional organisational barriers and enable staff from disparate areas to contemplate wider issues to themselves and to others.’

– Senior University Administrator and Director

‘Insync Surveys has been providing valuable services to my organisation for a number of years. They have provided the platform and professional support to help us comprehensively understand the attitudes of our staff and make numerous changes for the better.’

– William Whitford, Managing Director, Treasury Corporation of Victoria

‘For any organisation serious about understanding and improving its ‘health’ to perform and execute its strategy to the highest level, Insync Surveys’ Organisation Alignment Survey is a powerful and versatile tool for management decision-making and action planning.’

– Graham Barkus, Manager, Learning & Development Group, Cathay Pacific

‘Insync Surveys’ Employee Opinion Survey has been invaluable in helping us understand what our staff members think of the organisation as well as guiding our leaders to understand where their energies can best be directed.’

– FKen Wallis, Manager Learning & Development, City of Boroondara

‘Insync Surveys have been working with us for several years and are currently doing their third staff survey with us. We also do parents and students at the same time. It is not a ‘satisfaction’ survey but a detailed, in-depth survey that gives information that can be used for change, management, etc. It is the best I have come up with in some 20 years of chasing good surveys.’

– David Warner, Chief Executive Officer, ELTHAM College of Education

‘It’s difficult to do an appropriate self assessment of our risk management effectiveness without a tool like Insync Surveys’ Risk Management Effectiveness Survey. The survey’s importance and performance rating system and the corresponding reporting of the gaps helped us focus quickly on the main areas we needed to improve.’

– Tony Ryan, CEO, Big Sky Credit Union

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