Stage 1 – Understand requirements

Our collaborative approach means we begin with a detailed planning and requirements session, during which we ensure we understand your organisation’s particular circumstances and its objectives.

Employees who will be invited to be survey participants are identified and the extent of the reporting, including whether any supplementary reporting is required is agreed.

Your preferred timing for the launch of the gender diversity survey, the delivery of our reports and the extent of debriefing sessions required will be discussed and agreed.

Stage 2 – Customise

Our evidence based approach means we customise your gender diversity survey to your particular requirements as determined during Stage one. The wording of any new or revised survey statements or questions will be agreed with you.

The online survey will then be built and a preview will be provided to you for validation prior to launch.

We will also agree on the introductory message to go into the email containing the gender diversity survey. The wording of any pre-notification email that the survey is coming will also be agreed.

Stage 3 – Conduct survey

We will email the gender diversity survey to the employee participants agreed to in Stage one. A hotline and special email address will be established to deal with any queries from survey participants.

We will regularly advise you of survey response rates by demographic area to enable your managers to follow-up any areas of low response. A reminder email is often sent just before the close of the survey to remind employees to complete the survey. The survey will be closed on the agreed date.

Stage 4 – Analyse

Your reports will be prepared and your survey results will be analysed, including determining major themes, areas of excellence and any areas where improvement can be achieved.

Analysis will take place by each framework area of leadership, culture, talent and performance. Deeper analysis by demographic areas, including by division, seniority and gender, will also be conducted.

Stage 5 – Reporting and debrief

The reports and debriefs agreed in Stage one will be prepared and completed. Any additional analysis, reporting and feedback requested will also be carried out.

This reporting and debrief stage will also include a workshop with senior executives, where a draft action plan to deal with the key issues will be prepared.

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