What is best practice when it comes to gender diversity surveys?

I have been asked this question quite a few times in recent weeks. My recommendation to leadership teams is that they should avoid simply determining if their gender diversity is good or bad which is what most organisations do. If that approach is taken then its hard to build a compelling narrative and case for change to improve. Further it is unlikely that they’ll be much commitment and dollars put behind initiatives to improve.

The alternative is to see gender diversity as a leadership, values, employee engagement and performance issue. A good gender diversity survey such as that of Gender Worx will be able to demonstrate the link between high leadership capability, strong values alignment, good diversity practices and high levels of employee engagement all of which are also linked to high organisational performance. It is then much easier to build a compelling narrative and case for change if gender diversity is shown to be a leadership, values, engagement and performance issue using your company’s own data!

A best practice gender diversity survey will also of course be able to reference global research on best practice in gender diversity in relation to each survey statement.

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