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Despite 40 years focussing on equal opportunity and diversity initiatives, most organisations continue to have very low levels of representation of women in senior leadership positions. Neither equal opportunity legislation nor significant gender diversity investment by organisations have created the changes sought.

Many organisations fail to get the full value from their senior female talent. Further, organisations continue to lose far too many well trained, experienced and competent female employees before they have the opportunity to reach their full potential. This comes at an enormous cost to organisations and society.

The business case for gender diversity is strong. Recent research reveals where there are more women at the top of organisations, they are likely to be better places to work and organisational performance and profitability is increased.

How can organisations gain these significant benefits of gender diversity? Why are women so under-represented in the most senior leadership positions in organisations and on boards when they are so well represented at lower levels in organisations? What are the impediments to the retention of excellent female talent in organisations?

One of the most effective ways to get answers to these most important questions is to ask the people who know – your employees. This is best achieved by way of a robust, well constructed, on-line gender diversity survey which will provide an important platform for improvement. By engaging your employees in such a survey you emphasise the importance that your organisation places on gender diversity. Engaging your employees is also an important step in the cultural change process.

Our gender diversity survey, which we call our Unlocking Potential Survey, is substantiated by a comprehensive white paper which presents the research evidence that supports each survey statement. The white paper is provided to all organisations that complete our Unlocking Potential Survey. Our survey reports give you a robust, evidenced based, organisation-wide view of the most important factors that impact gender diversity in your organisation. Our gender diversity survey will identify important levers for change and our consultants are available to assist you implement a cost effective action plan for improvement.

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